Michelle Malkin Slams Barack Obama: His Apologies Are ‘A Recipe For More Dead American Troops’

Michelle Malkin On Obama's Apologies: 'A Recipe For More Dead American Troops'

Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin was a guest on Fox and Friends Thursday, and angrily tore into President Obama‘s explanation that his apology for the burning of Korans in Afghanistan calmed things down, saying it was an utter failure.

“First of all, the apology didn’t work, obviously,” Malkin observed. “And it is just a measure of how much Obama lives in unreality.”

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President Obama made the comments Wednesday to ABC News’ Bob Woodruff, adding that “We’re not out of the woods yet.”

“That he could claim, bald-facedly, that it ‘calmed things down’ — maybe he’s engaging in psychological projection and it calmed him down a little bit, but obviously after the apology became public, there were still riots and now even more American servicemen are dead,” Malkin said. “I think that that statement was also a very craven admission that there was nothing sincere in his apologies. There never is. And that this kind of apologitis that marked the Obama Administration is nothing more than appeasement. And as anyone who actually has paid attention to the history of jihad in the world — appeasement is never something that squelches fires. Appeasement is more gas on the flames of jihad and this is a recipe for even more dead American men and women around the world.”

Watch Malkin’s appearance below, via Fox News:

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