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Michelle Malkin Slams VP: The More Joe Biden Runs His Mouth, The Better For The Republican Party

Michelle Malkin made her weekly Fox & Friends appearance on Thursday morning, sharing her thoughts on Vice President Joe Biden. Surprise: She’s not a fan of his recent comments regarding foreign policy, referring to him as doing his “best Olympic ice skater impression” to “pivot furiously” for the Obama White House.

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Host Brian Kilmeade asked Malkin whether Biden was in a position to call out Mitt Romney on foreign policy given the VP’s former comments regarding, say, Iraq and Afghanistan.

We now know, Malkin responded, that President Barack Obama himself “is not a fan of Joe Biden’s bloviating speeches.” She cited a book that shares that Obama, as he was listening to, as she phrased it, “some droning, bloviating speech” by Biden, sent a note to an aid joking to “shoot me now.”

Malkin then characterized the Obama White House as being “reactive” to Republicans’ agenda setting as opposed to proactive.

Kilmeade later noted that Biden “ripped Romney for doing stuff that I don’t think the American people will be against: getting tougher on Iran, described Russia, without question, as the number one geopolitical foe — Haven’t they been? — decry President Obama’s quick withdrawal from Iraq — Didn’t he leave there quickly?”

“Yes,” Malkin agreed, “and I think the word for this is fail. If the intention is to try to marginalize Mitt Romney, then the more that Joe Biden runs his mouth, as he will today, the better for the Republicans. I think this, again, just underscores over the last four years what we’ve discovered, is that Joe Biden is the Republican party’s best friend.”

The segment then ended with images of rainbows, leprechauns and the President as a thieving unicorn.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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