Michelle Malkin: We Need to Hear ‘Lock Her Up’ Louder and Louder Until It Actually Happens

Michelle Malkin has a plan to make sure Hillary Clinton inevitably goes to prison, and it’s so well thought out and elaborate that there is just no way it can possibly fail.

The conservative firebrand joined Sean Hannity on Fox News tonight, where she took shots at the former presidential candidate for her recent controversial remarks about Trump voters. Malkin was particularly excited to debut her new derogatory nickname: “Blamery” Clinton.

As Malkin talked with Hannity about the Congressional GOP announcement that the House Intelligence Committee is ending their Russian collusion probe, she grumbled that Clinton and the DNC aren’t under federal investigation. From there, Malkin decided to talk about President Trump’s explosive rally over the weekend, coming up with this proposal.

“You know, we heard the mantra ‘Lock her up’ over the campaign…Now we need to hear it again and again and louder until it actually happens.”

Yeah…that’ll work.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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