Michelle Obama Asked If She Wants Her Husband To Be A One-Term President

Barbara Walters talked to both President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama tonight as part of a Thanksgiving 20/20 special, and unsurprisingly, one topic that arose was the toll the presidency takes on a family. Citing Michelle’s desire for her husband to quit politics back in 2000 when he lost the Democratic primary for Congress in Illinois, Walters asked the First Lady if she ever thinks that “one term is enough.”

And though she said she still grapples with “the sacrifice that [political] life requires of one’s family,” she still doesn’t quite think her husband should up and quit in 2012:

“If I had to pick the kind of man I’d want to be in politics…somebody who’s honest, sincere, and smart as a whip…he’d be the person that I would pick, and that’s always been why I followed him into these escapades.”

Not a ringing endorsement of life in the political fishbowl, but nonetheless, she said her husband should keep at it “until the job is done”…while throwing in the obligatory caveat that how long the president stays in office is ultimately “up to the American people.” Video of Walters’ question and the First Lady’s response below.

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