Michelle Obama Rips Trump: He ‘Humiliates Women as If We’re Objects’ for Entertainment

michelle-obamaMichelle Obama stumped for Hillary Clinton in Arizona today and went after Donald Trump in possibly much harsher terms than she did last time.

Obama called out Trump for constantly playing into an “us versus them” mentality where he can easily “dehumanize them… because you don’t know them, you can’t even see them.”

She went through a whole laundry list of groups Trump has insulted and suggested, “Maybe it’s easy for him to mock people with disabilities because he’s unable to see their strength and their contributions.”

And as for Trump’s treatment of women, the First Lady pulled no punches:

“He demeans and humiliates women as if we’re objects meant solely for pleasure and entertainment rather than human beings worthy of love and respect.”

“Maybe,” she added, “he doesn’t believe that people like us really exist because he does not see our shared humanity, and it is becoming increasingly clear that to him, most of America is them.

Watch above, via CNN.

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