Michelle Obama Stops By Nickelodeon Hit iCarly To Support The Troops

While we were all focusing on Iowa yesterday, Entertainment Weekly dropped a clip of the First Lady making an appearance on iCarly. Michelle Obama will be popping by the incredibly popular Nickelodeon “tween” series to help the main character communicate with her dad, an Air Force colonel stationed far away. The guest spot will be part of the First Lady’s Joining Forces initiative.

See? Even though it’s a tough life, this is why people help their spouses become President. Guesting on hit shows is so much cooler than being stuck home, buying doggie sunglasses.

Unless, of course, “buying doggie sunglasses” is actually a euphemism for something else, a possibility I am not entirely discounting.

Unfortunately, in the clip EW received, there’s a joke in which one of the characters accidentally calls Obama “Your Excellency” which, as you can imagine, has inspired the most predictable coverage imaginable on right wing blog. If only that line hadn’t been there then…those bloggers would have just found something else to attack the First Lady for.


Some of those people just need to chill. They’d be so much happier if they just took some time off, found someone they loved, had a few drinks, and bought doggie sunglasses together all night long.

Watch the clip from Nickelodeon and Entertainment Weekly below:

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