Michelle Obama Welcomes Paul Ryan And His Family To The Campaign: ‘This Is A Privilege’

Michelle Obama Welcomes Paul Ryan And His Family To The Campaign

First Lady Michelle Obama visited The Tonight Show on Monday, where she spoke about a number of topics, including the media’s treatment of her two daughters, her take on Mitt Romney‘s VP selection, and her upcoming editorial gig.

After she shared that she is forever grateful to people in this country — including those in the media — for not breaching the guidelines she and the President set regarding their daughters’ roles in the public eye, host Jay Leno asked Obama what she thought of Paul Ryan.

She said that, while she doesn’t know him personally and hasn’t “spent much time thinking about that,” she welcomes him to the campaign, considering it a privilege to be a part of the process. “I hope that he and his family embrace the opportunity, which I know they will, to get out there and meet people in this country,” she added.

The First Lady then talked a bit about her upcoming role as iVillage’s guest editor, where she’ll tackle back to school issues.

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