Mick Mulvaney Dodges When Grilled on Trump’s Rhetoric, White Nationalism in ABC Post-Shootings Interview

White House Acting Chief of Staff Mick Mulvaney was raked across the coals on Sunday when asked about how President Donald Trump‘s words and actions connect to the shootings this weekend in Texas and Ohio.

Mulvaney spoke to ABC’s This Week, where Jon Karl noted that 30 people have died, dozens more were injured, and that these two shootings come after several prominent massacres in America over the last two years.

“What is [Trump] doing?” Karl asked Mulvaney. “What is he doing to stop these killings, these mass shootings?”

Mulvaney declined to answer the question directly as he spoke of how the “gun issue” is not the only factor in why shootings happen. Karl pursued the topic, however, by noting that Trump once considered increased gun control measures after the Parkland massacre, but then backtracked shortly after meeting with the NRA.

After Mulvaney defended the president by citing the administration’s bump stocks ban and legislation to increase background checks, Karl turned to how the president’s critics are accusing him of “fueling more hate in this country” with his racial and anti-immigration rhetoric. This comes after news observers have noted that El Paso shooter’s alleged manifesto is full of hateful remarks toward immigrants.

“Isn’t this kind of rhetoric and especially in light of what we’ve just seen, isn’t it just dangerous?” Karl asked. “What do you say to Americans who look at what happened in El Paso and say that the president’s rhetoric is in part to blame?”

Mulvaney kept spinning away in order to attack Trump’s enemies and say “there’s no benefit here to try to make this a political issue. This is a social issue.” Mulvaney squirmed even more once Karl cornered him on how Trump has dismissed the idea that white nationalism has become a threat to the world.

Watch above, via ABC.

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