Mika: Trump’s an Embarrassment Surrounded by People Who ‘Suck Up to Him Every Day’

MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski went on a tear against President Donald Trump Friday morning during a discussion of his tenuous relationship with his own cabinet secretaries.

Washington Post columnist Eugene Robinson first remarked — in light of his latest column — that a number of Trump officials seem to think they need to praise him like he is their “Dear Leader,” before referencing Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin’s cringeworthy defense of the president’s NFL feud.

“You know, clearly looking as if he were in physical pain, but something he had to do, because it’s something the president said, therefore, it must be right,” Robinson said. “And that sort of attitude — you know what can go wrong with that? Well, everything.”

Brzezinski then asked if anything can get done in White House that functions in that way.

“It’s not as if this is an effective leader that has commanded the respect of the nation,” she said, before quipping: “I mean, you walk into a room, and you might read on your television screen, ‘Trump throws paper towels at Puerto Ricans.'”

“You have no idea what is going to happen next, you know it’s going to be incredibly embarrassing. You know that with every hour that goes by, he’s going to embarrass the presidency. He’s going to debase the presidency. He’s going to bring it down a lever lower, and let these people suck up to him every day, and they feel it’s a part of their job to suck up to him, to placate him, to stop going on a trip to make sure you get the secretary of state to say he is smart, when the secretary of state thinks he’s a moron.”

“I mean what is going on here?” she finished.

New York Times political correspondent Nicholas Confessore added that “there are members of the president’s own cabinet who do not think he is very good at the job, or fit for the job.”

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