Mika Brzezinski Reveals She Has Story About Trump’s ‘Unbelievably Inappropriate Hug’

As Donald Trump continues to swipe at Joe Biden over his physical conduct, Mika Brzezinski suggested on Friday that she has a story to tell about the president’s history of inappropriate behavior.

As Morning Joe discussed Trump’s clap back on Barbara Bush‘s posthumous criticisms for him, Joe Scarborough brought up the video Trump posted on Twitter to make fun of Biden’s questionable physical interactions with women.

Scarborough called out Trump for “hypocrisy,” saying “can you imagine the clips that are going to follow that? The words that are going to be put into the president’s mouth, probably with Billy Bush lurking around the back of his head, and Stormy Daniels and Playboy models…”

After that, Brzezinski seemed to indicate like she had something to say about Trump on that front:

“It kind of makes me want to share the story about Trump’s unbelievably inappropriate hug in our studio”

Scarborough continued to marvel at Trump’s attacks on Biden for being a hugger when POTUS “bragged about abusing women, physically assaulting women because he was famous.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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