Mika Brzezinski: ‘Despicable’ That Top Republicans Are Dismissing Trump Hush Money Allegations


Mika Brzezinski sees many top Republicans dismissing allegations that President Donald Trump illegally paid hush money to former paramours before and during his 2016 General Election bid, and frankly, she finds it “despicable.”

At issue is last week’s release of court filings in the Southern District of New York case into former Trump attorney Michael Cohen. President Trump is alleged to have directed the illegal payment of hush money in a manner that undermined the election process.

The continued unfolding of legal problems for the Trump administration raises questions on how best to hold the Commander in Cheif accountable. Impeachment is primarily a political undertaking, not a criminal one. Without Republicans on board, a Democratic-led effort to impeach, or even just indict Donald Trump, will be dismissed by the right as a political stunt.

After listing numerous examples of Republican senators like Orrin Hatch, John Kennedy and Chuck Grassley who each seemed to take as charitable a view as imaginable towards Trump’s legal problems, Ms. Brzezinski said of the Republican establishment “they are turning into Trump!”

Watch the segment above, courtesy of MSNBC.


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