Mika Brzezinski Blasts Biden Accusers: If You Can Demand an Apology on TV, You Could Have Told Him in Real Time


Mika Brzezinski launched into a new defense of Joe Biden on Thursday as the vice president continues to field controversy over his questionable behavior with women.

The conversation on Morning Joe gravitated around Biden’s new video where he addressed the allegations against himself while saying he’ll try to more conscientious in the future about peoples’ personal space. Brzezinski has been defending Biden’s physically-affectionate attitude throughout the recent commotion over the former veep, and today she wondered why Biden’s accusers waited until now to tell their stories.

“If you can go on national television and talk about Joe Biden putting his hands on your back and now you’re demanding an apology from him because what he said on Twitter is not enough, you probably could’ve told him in real time, and he probably would’ve said ‘I’m sorry, I was trying to be nice.’ It probably could’ve been finished right there. C’mon, we’re not snowflakes.”

Brzezinski concluded that people “have to decide what we get upset about,” and that as for Biden, “I still hope he gives me a big hug.”

“Bring up personal space sometime else, don’t inject it into a presidential campaign,” she said.

The discussion continued with the panel agreeing that Biden’s conduct was not predatory, and former senator Claire McCaskill saying “he always did this from a good place and that’s why it’s hard for those of us who know him well.”

“This is who he is,” McCaskill said. “So I get that it’s made some people uncomfortable and I respect that. If you’ve got a real thing about your personal boundary space, I understand that and I hear that and I think Joe Biden has heard it. But let’s move on now.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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