Mika: Pete Buttigieg’s Flagging Poll Numbers Due to Voters Not Wanting to Make ‘Another Mistake’ After Trump


Mika Brzezinski strongly suggested that American voters may feel it a mistake to elect 37-year-old South Bend mayor Pete Buttigieg due to his youth and inexperience, especially after electing a non-traditional candidate President Donald Trump.

The comment came on Monday morning in which the Morning Joe panel discussed recent Iowa polling results that suggested four clear leaders among Democratic candidates each vying to come out of the Iowa caucus with a clear victory. While Bernie Sanders has a slight lead in the Des Moines Register-CNN poll at 20%, Elizabeth Warren is close behind at 17%, Buttigieg comes in at 16% and Joe Biden at 15%.

Buttigieg’s support fell precipitously from past poll results which had him in the low 20’s, which led to Brzezinksi’s comment.

“Even though in many ways those who have studied him closely might find him to be tremendously qualified and maybe more qualified than most candidates in terms of knowledge, but he’s 37? Is he 37? His age?” she asked.

AP’s Jonathan Lemire concurred, adding “37. Mayor of the fourth largest city.”

Brzezinksi continued “in the middle of this Iran crisis I think people ultimately are not really looking at who he’s married to. Looking at age and they, just at this point if you’re done with Trump, or you never were with Trump, you don’t want to make another mistake again. I think age plays into that. Age and experience.”

Watch above via MSNBC.

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