Scarborough On Palin: ‘When Roger Ailes Gives Advice And You’re A Republican? You Follow It’

The Morning Joe crew reacted to the report of an alleged rift between Roger Ailes and Sarah Palin, and co-host Mika Brzezinski already predicted Palin might not have a long career ahead of her at Fox News. Yet co-host Joe Scarborough doubted “Roger is staying awake at night because Sarah Palin destroyed her political career.”

Brzezinski’s prediction about Palin’s television future came during a humorous exchange that left Scarborough slightly confused:

Mika: I think he’s going to dump [Palin] actually. He’s going to hire her, for the same reasons he’s going to dump her. Welcome to television.
Joe: I don’t even know what that means.
Mika: Well because you’re a man in television.

Scarborough did conclude though that Palin made an error because “if Roger Ailes gives you advice and you’re a Republican . . . you follow his advice.” Mark Halperin, however, suggested “she makes decisions based on her own perspective and not by traditional method” and which is why he thinks Palin still may decide to run for President.

In other news, Scarborough was pleased with President Obama’s handling of Libya, saying “I’m sorry to neo-cons across the world of all parties, I think the President has played this pretty damn well.” With support from both the Arab League and from usually hesitant European allies, Scarborough believed Obama avoided a potential perception in the world that American imperialists wanted to get involved just for Libyan oil.

Watch the clip from MSNBC below:

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