Mika Brzezinski RAGES at Zuckerberg For Misinformation, Calls for Facebook’s Shut Down: ‘You Have Destroyed This Country!’


Mika Brzezinski is livid at Facebook for spreading misinformation and calling for the social networking giant to be shut down.

In a fiery rant Monday on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, Brzezinski went after Facebook — as well as fellow social media behemoth Twitter — for waiting until the final days of his term to ban President Donald Trump from their platforms. Brzezinski cited a study that found that misinformation on Twitter went down by nearly 75 percent in the week after Trump’s ban as proof that the tech giants acted too late.

“If this is some sort of last-minute suck up to Joe Biden by Twitter and Facebook, all you’ve done is shown just how impactful everything that you’ve been doing so far has been in terms of spreading disinformation,” Brzezinski. She added, “You have shown that you should have done this a long time ago. And perhaps there wouldn’t be people dead. Perhaps there wouldn’t be people following false scientific information about the coronavirus. Perhaps there wouldn’t have been some sort of insurrection at the Capitol that was promulgated all over your sites. Perhaps there wouldn’t be so much hatred and disinformation!”

Then, Brzezinski trained her ire on Facebook alone — specifically calling out CEO Mark Zuckerberg and COO Sheryl Sandberg.

“The leadership of Facebook is pathetic!” Brzezinski said. “Sheryl Sandberg, Mark Zuckerberg, you guys are pathetic! You make absolutely no reason about your actions. You could have done this a long time ago; you decided to do it now. Huh? I wonder who is going to be president now? Maybe this will make him happy. No! You’ve just shown him why you need to be shut down! You need to be shut down! Nobody needs what you have to offer! You have destroyed this country! And quite frankly, it’s still happening right now.”

Brezinski went on to mock Facebook leadership for saying they are working on stopping the spread of misinformation.

“Who are you to say that?!” Brzezinski said. “Follow the law! Follow the law that publishers have to follow. Follow the restrictions that anybody has to follow when they put something out in the public domain.”

The Morning Joe co-host concluded by disclosing that she has personally received a call from Facebook’s top executives, in which they said the company would “get better” at stopping falsehoods from reaching their platform. Brzezinski, though, believes the company is beyond salvation.

“You need to go away,” she said.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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