Mika Brzezinski Shows Chuck Todd Her Special Valentine’s Day Version Of The Budget

Mika Brzezinski was especially in the Valentine’s spirit on Tuesday’s Morning Joe, when she showed off to Chuck Todd a copy of the budget with red lipstick-stained lipsmacks covering it. ”

Did you see what I got for Valentine’s Day?” Brzezinski teased adorably.

“I have not yet,” Todd replied.

“I’m holding it up, it’s the budget!” she exclaimed.

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“You know what, we were just doing a little thickness-check in the booth because of course we have our 2012 budget in the White House booth, we keep track of all of these things,” Todd replied. “It appears at least the appendix for 2013, is a little bit thicker than the appendix for 2012, so I guess that’s our measurement of whether government grew.”

“Wow… and I thought we had a table of geeks,” Brzezinski quipped.

Watch a very wonky Valentine’s segment below via MSNBC:

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