Mika Brzezinski to V.P. Pence: ‘Is the War on the Media Over?’

As he made the TV rounds today, Vice President Mike Pence was challenged by Mika Brzezinski over President Trump‘s war on the press.

Brzezinski just days ago called on Trump to stop it, and after the president said last night that the time for “trivial fights” is over, she asked Pence today, “Is the war on the media over?” Pence defended Trump’s propensity to call out the press over “some of the baseless and fabricated stories that have come out.”

But Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough brought up rhetoric like “enemy of the people” and whether the president will keep saying things like that.

You can watch Pence’s response above, via MSNBC.

[image via screengrab]


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