Mika Brzezinski: Trump ‘Fanning the Flames’ of Racism and Bigotry, ‘Could Get This President Re-Elected’


On Morning Joe, co-host Mika Brzezinski lamented to Axios’ Jonathan Swan on how she believes President Donald Trump is “fanning the flames” of racism and bigotry.

Her comment comes after the White House press briefing where reporters try to pressure press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders to clarify if Trump truly believes Democrats hate Jewish people.

“Jonathan Swan, you’ve got reporting on this. I find it’s hard to watch. I guess it’s good we’ve got a daily briefing. I don’t know but, you know, to me the bigger picture through spokespeople like that and others the president is fanning the flames of racism and all sorts of things, bigotry,” Brzezinski said. “It could rile the base that could actually if one does not keep one’s head, could get this president re-elected, I think there’s actually an equation to be made there because he’s tapping into something.”

“He’s trying to use the Ilhan Omar situation to overcome what has been a long-running Republican frustration which is why do a majority of American Jews votes for Democrats? And it’s a substantial majority,” Swan explained. “And President Trump has been inching toward this for the last few days but these were private comments. He made some public comments last week that Democrats were anti-Israel and anti-Jewish.”

Swan said the donors at Mar-a-Lago had to put their cell phones in these “magnetized pouches” in order to prevent Trump’s comments from being recorded.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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