Mika Brzezinski: ‘What Will We do With Internships on Capitol Hill’ if Moore Wins?


MSNBC’s Mika Brzezinski wants to know what the intern policy on Capitol Hill is going to be when accused child molester Roy Moore wins the Alabama senate seat.

Morning Joe covered the Republican turnaround on Moore, a former judge running for Jeff Sessions’ vacated senate seat who has been accused by a number of women of preying on them when they were teenagers.

While the GOP broadly condemned Moore when the allegations first came out, Trump has now endorsed the candidate, the RNC has resumed supporting his campaign, and House Leader Mitch McConnell is sheepishly uttering “let the voters decide.”

As MSNBC’s Willie Geist noted on Morning Joe, those endorsements come as another woman told the Washington Post that she had a consensual relationship with Moore when she was a teenager — despite the former judge claiming to not know her.

Joe Scarborough then commended Mitt Romney for speaking out against Moore: “That’s, of course, the reason Mitt Romney has honor.”

“He has integrity, and that’s exactly why Donald Trump is desperately trying to kill his candidacy,” Scarborough continued, referencing reports Romney intends to run for the senate in Utah. “Because Donald Trump sees people with virtue like Mitt Romney as his enemy — while he embraces people that are shallow and compromised like Roy Moore as his ally.”

Later in the segment, Brzezinski asked an important question of accused child molester Moore: “What will we do with internships on Capitol Hill if he wins?”

“Because seriously, I would not send my daughter to work on the Hill,” she continued. “Times have changed. You can’t be grabbing at little 17-year-old girls. You can’t have a guy in there that’ll do that.”

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