Mika Grills Sen. Gillibrand: Why Not Name Senators Who Made Sexist Remarks?

Senator Kirsten Gillibrand wrote about several instances of colleagues making inappropriate remarks about her looks in her new book, but isn’t naming names. And on Morning Joe today, Mika Brzezinski put Gillibrand on the spot, asking, “Why wouldn’t you name names here?”

Gillibrand said she didn’t want to make this debate about a “specific insult,” but to “illustrate the broader point” about how women are treated. Brzezinski said what happened to Gillibrand sounds like harassment, but the senator said, “Not for me. They’re not my bosses, they didn’t affect me. What this is about is how do we elevate the debate to talk about these broader challenges.”

Brzezinski kept on, asking, “Isn’t it a stronger statement when you actually point out the perpetrator?” Gillibrand insisted it’s not, because those kinds of statements affect young women starting their careers more than women in positions like hers.

Weeks ago, Brzezinski called Gillibrand “weak” for not naming her harassers because she has a “responsibility to name names.”

Watch the video below, via MSNBC:

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