Mika Rips Trump’s Silence on Stormy Daniels: The Guy Said I Was ‘Bleeding Badly from a Facelift’


On Wednesday, Morning Joe talked about how “incredible” it is that President Trump hasn’t said a peep about the Stormy Daniels controversy when he’s usually eager attack the press and his enemies over much smaller matters.

The show began by looking at how Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders was grilled yesterday about the reason for Trump’s very unusual silence. Mika Brzezinski was not impressed by her answers, remembering how Trump didn’t hesitate to take extremely personal shots at herself and Joe Scarborough.

“When we went on the air, Joe, and we were just having fun, I mean, it was — I believe it was President Trump’s TIME covers, his fake TIME covers that he had on the walls of his country clubs, and we kind of made fun of him for having fake TIME covers of himself, and that day, he tweets about me bleeding badly from a facelift, makes a lie that I showed up at Mar-a-Lago bleeding all over the place. The guy punches back on everything. He punches back low, he punches back high, but on Stormy Daniels: absolutely nothing.”

Scarborough also found Sanders’ explanation “preposterous” — noting “everything Sarah Sanders says is preposterous these days. He also noted the time when the president suggested that the MSNBC host murdered an intern.

As the panel continued to discuss the legalities of the Daniels case, Brzezinski reiterated that the “silence is too deafening” considering the porn star’s dismissive description of her alleged sexual encounter with Trump, as the president usually loves to talk a big game about money and sex.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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