Mika Spars With Frank Luntz Over Trump Speech: Dems Supposed to Clap for ‘The Great Dictator?’


Political pollster Frank Luntz appeared on Morning Joe today, where he and the panel had a spirited debate about how successful President Trump was last night during his State of the Union address.

Luntz began by noting that many Democrats who attended the speech last night refused to stand or applaud for any part of it, even when Trump brought up positive national developments or opportunities for potential compromise. This was the overarching theme of the discussion, even as he and Joe Scarborough debated various complaints about the speech and questions about whether Trump painted a rosy picture he can’t really take credit for.

“Why is it that everything he says drives the left nuts?” Luntz asked. “Just because Republicans criticized Barack Obama — we all agree that it went too much, it was hyper-partisanship – we have that right now from the Donald Trump speech and that’s wrong.”

Luntz praised Trump for personalizing everyday Americans and for the national economic statistics, though he and Scarborough continued to lock horns about how much credit goes to this president or to Barack Obama. As the debate continued, Mika Brzezinski joined by noting how many times Trump has stoked political divisions, often by getting into squabbles with the congresspeople he addressed last night.

“You tell me,” Brzezinski asked as she clapped her hands. “That room is supposed to respond like this to the great dictator?”

“They’re not supposed to sit on their hands,” Luntz responded. “Using the phrase ‘great dictator’ is not appropriate.”

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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