Mika: Trump ‘Showing a Psychological Profile of Someone Up All Night Freaking Out’


There is a lot going on in this early segment of Morning Joe, much like there is currently a lot going on in the White House of late.

Hosts Joe Scarborough and Mika Brzezinski opened with a scathing critique of President Donald Trump’s recent tweet that the suspect in the recent NYC Terror attack should get the “death penalty” after reports surfaced that he was very happy with what he accomplished. “For the President of the United States, the person who is supposed to be the chief law enforcer of the United States of America saying 24 hours after an act that he should get the death penalty…that is what happens in autocratic regimes.”

But after USA Today’s Heidi Przybyla turned the conversation to Miranda Rights, Guantanamo Bay and how “Trump has now tainted the jury pool the defense can argue,” that  “the defense can say he’s not going to get a fair shake.”

Things then escalated quickly to a larger theme of a Presidential freak out, which is best summarized by Brzezinski’s comment that the President “is showing a psychological profile of someone up all night freaking out.”  This comment stands out in stark relief after Gabriel Sherman’s Vanity Fair eyebrow-raising report which strongly suggested that White House staffers feel the walls coming in from the Robert Mueller led investigation.

What followed was “He actually called the “New York Times” to refute those,” “I’m not melting down, everything is fine,” and “things are really closing in on him and he’s freaking out,” and “family in peril,” and the like. In other words, this is the anti-Trump comfort food yin to the Fox News ceaseless defense of Trump yang. 

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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