Mika’s Dad Finally Appears on Morning Joe, Warns Ukrainians May ‘Never Forgive Russia’

Post-Yanukovych ensions between Russia and the Ukraine escalated this morning with unrest in the Crimea: two airports in the autonomous, pro-Russia region were seized this morning by over 100 armed men claiming affiliation with the Russian Armed Forces, reports the Wall Street Journal.

On the plus side, this meant that former National Security Advisor and Eastern European expert Zbigniew Brzezinski could finally, finally stop on his daughter’s morning show to offer his analysis, exactly one week after he skipped out on Morning Joe to Mika Brzezinski’s eternal embarrassment.

After some banter in which Dr. Brzezinski compared his “very charming, very cute, but unpredictable” daughter to “someone in the family we now call Daisy” (who is apparently not the family dog, to Joe Scarborough’s eternal sadness), the academic then went on to state that Moscow seems to be under “some sort of confusion.”

“Putin may be showing himself to be more clumsy than we have assumed,” he posited. “If Russia plays it roughly, if Russia does some extreme things — for example, seizure of the Crimea — then Russia might end up having Crimea, but forever lose Ukraine, because the Ukrainian people are very territorial and have a sense of their land. And they will never forgive Russia for this.”

Watch below via MSNBC:

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