Mike Allen: Obama Camp Hopes To Make Sheldon Adelson ‘Bogeyman’ Like George Soros Is To GOP

On Monday’s Morning Joe, host Willie Geist spoke to Politico’s Mike Allen about business magnate Sheldon Adelson‘s hefty donation to the Romney campaign and what this might mean for the Obama’s campaign donations.

“Back in the George W. Bush presidential campaigns,” said Allen, “conservatives had a lot of fun going after George Soros, the big Democratic liberal donor that made him their sort of bogeyman. They made him someone that they could rile up their supporters with. Now the Obama campaign is doing it with the casino owner. ”

This prompted Geist to ask where, exactly, Soros has been through all this. Allen explained that Soros has said he’s planned on giving money to some liberal groups, but he had the same question Geist had for the Obama campaign: “Where’s your guy?”

Have a look, courtesy of MSNBC:

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