Mike Barnicle Disses Ted Cruz: ‘Thinks He’s Just the Smartest Person in the Room’

Based solely on the interaction that Senator Ted Cruz had with former Acting Attorney General Sally Yates during yesterday’s Senate committee hearing, it appears that Cruz is the early leader for the Mediaite’s “Loser of the Day.”

It was the testy exchange that focused on the specific statues that were at the foundation of Ms. Yates’ decision to claim President Trump‘s failed Travel Ban to be unlawful, a clip that has been edited and seemingly shared on the feed of every left-of-center member of Facebook. It also caught the attention of the Morning Joe panel, who took turns ridiculing how badly Cruz was “pwned’ by Ms. Yates.

But it was Mike Barnicle who best described what many find to be most distasteful part of Cruz’s mien. “He has an intellectual contempt,” Barnicle ripped, continuing “he thinks he’s just the smartest person in the room.”

Based on the nearly universal reaction — or at least the reaction from both lefties and moderates alike — Barnicle appears to be very perceptive.

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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