Mike Barnicle Mocks Rex Tillerson’s ‘Moron’ Presser: ‘A Thoroughly Humiliating Performance’

Morning Joe discussed Secretary of State Rex Tillerson’s presser held Wednesday in response to an NBC News report that he threatened to resign and had called the president a “moron” over the summer.

Joe Scarborough opened by defending Tillerson, speculating that the Texan was not “quivering nervous at the podium” because he “doesn’t need the job” and is only doing it because “he loves his country and believes he needs to serve it.”

MSNBC contributor Mike Barnicle had a harsher assessment: “That was a thoroughly humiliating performance by Secretary of State Tillerson.”

Barnicle continued by declaring that if Tillerson had a good relationship with President Trump, “he wouldn’t be reading off a script to describe that relationship, he would know it,” before theatrically mocking Tillerson’s performance.

Scarborough added that the NBC story is “humiliating” to Trump, because “everybody knows” the reporting is right.

Scarborough then threw to Carol Lee, one of the writers of the original NBC report, who said “we certainly stand by the story, and this was a story that we extensively reported.”

“We talked to a dozen people for this story,” she continued. “There were seven independent senior administration officials who said that Rex Tillerson indeed intended to resign this summer. And despite what the secretary said yesterday.”

“And we spoke with three separate administration officials who said that Tillerson called the president a moron. Some of them overheard him actually say that so, you know, this is not some fake news report.”

Lee concluded that the president cannot admit the story is accurate, because then he would have to fire Tillerson.

Watch above, via MSNBC.

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