Mike Barnicle On Meredith Vieira’s New Film: We Live In ‘Deeply Flawed Culture,’ That Ignores War And Its Veterans

NBC special correspondent Meredith Vieira stopped by the set of Morning Joe Monday morning to discuss Return, a new film she has executive produced that looks at the impact that repeat tours of duty have on the life of one female soldier.

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There are many people, Vieira said, who search for their “Oprah moment” upon coming home or inviting a loved one home from combat. And sometimes that moment just never comes.

Contributor Mike Barnicle weighed in, noting that “in addition to this being a great film, it’s an important film,” because it offers a look into “a deeply flawed culture.”

“Any of us can go days, weeks, months on end,” he said, “without encountering any reminder of the fact that we have been at war for ten and a half years. When that war has settled on the shoulders and families of individuals who form 1% of the population of this country and are ignored largely by 99%, you want to talk about the real %, they are the real 1%. That’s why this is an important film.”

Vieira said she was attracted to writer and director Liza Johnson’s script because “you rarely hear the woman’s perspective” when it comes to stories such as this.

Watch, via MSNBC:

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