Mike Barnicle: ‘Preposterous’ That Piers Morgan Wasn’t Aware Of Phone Hacking

Morning Joe‘s Mike Barnicle expressed skepticism over Piers Morgan’s denial of having any knowledge about the phone hacking scandal during his tenure as editor of multiple British tabloids on Wednesday’s show. “Just the clips of that testimony are preposterous,” Barnicle opined. “A newspaper editor who says he only knows 5% of what his journalists were up to? That’s ridiculous!”

“You look at James Murdoch’s testimony, you look at Piers Morgan’s testimony,” Scarborough observed. “It looks like these people, Mike, are walking on a thin tightrope.”

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“The fact is, the odd thing is about the two cultures, our press culture and their press culture, I’m not at all surprised there was hacking going on and I’m confident there was a lot more than even we’ve heard about,” Tom Brokaw added. “The Brits who come here say ‘you’re all a bunch of limp-wristed liberals’ — that you don’t want to do what’s required to do to be a great journalist. On the other hand they have got all those press rules, the press council in which you can win libel suits and so it’s an odd mix of things that is going on.”

Watch Barnicle’s skepticism over Morgan’s testimony below via MSNBC:

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