Mike Barnicle: Trump’s ‘Constant Assault on the Media, Fake News’ Has Really Worked


Like nearly every political story under the Trump administration, the confirmation process of embattled Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh has further divided a deeply split nation.

A highly motivated Democratic party eager to see Kavanaugh’s nomination stall as a result of sexual assault allegations from three decades ago has received a lot of attention, but a new poll shows that Republicans are just as energized by what they see as unfair treatment from uncorroborated allegations that have smeared a respected public servant.

After Morning Joe co-host Joe Scarborough made that very point, Mike Barnicle offered an interesting explanation for Trump’s energized base.

In Barnicle’s view, President Donald Trump’s “constant assault on the media, fake news, has really, really worked and has sunk in all across the country.”

Barnicle added that the “series of stories about the Supreme Court appointment that have appeared on television and in newspapers that have caused, I think, a lot of Americans in this polarized political atmosphere of ours to stop, pause and say, hey, this is just a bit too much.”

Watch the clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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