Mike Huckabee: Biden Could Show Unity and Healing With ‘Stern Rebuke’ to Impeachment and to Social Media Companies


Mike Huckabee said on Fox News Wednesday that President Joe Biden should show unity with a “stern rebuke” to Congress and to social media companies.

Huckabee said that elections do have consequences but said Biden could do some things in the spirit of unity and healing:

“If he would issue a firm rebuke to his own party about the impeachment nonsense. Donald Trump is no longer president. He really can’t be thrown out of an office that he doesn’t hold,” he said. “So if Joe Biden could say for the sake of the country and the fact that there’s nothing to be gained, let’s end this little charade.”

Congress is proceeding with an impeachment trial of former President Donald Trump over his rhetoric that led to the violent riots at the Capitol building, including the flat-out false claims of a stolen election he made over and over and over.

Even Mitch McConnell has reportedly been furious with Trump over the violence, and while conviction is unlikely at this point, it’s a possibility.

Huckabee also said Biden should “issue a stern rebuke to social media companies that have said we don’t want to hear conservative voices.”

“If he would simply say, I may not do what you folks want, I probably won’t, but at least I’ll let you have your opportunity to get on your soap box in public opportunities and say what your piece is. I think that frankly would go a long way,” he added.

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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