Mike Huckabee Blasts SNL Parody of His Daughter as ‘Silly, Sexist, Misogynist’


On Tuesday, Mike Huckabee voiced his displeasure with Saturday Night Live‘s recent parody of his daughter, Trump administration flack Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

“I thought it was a little bit silly, sexist, misogynist — but, you know, my daughter is certainly capable of handling a whole lot worse than that,” Huckabee said on Fox Business Network’s Varney and Company.

Huckabee Sanders briefly appeared as a character in the Sean Spicer sketch this past weekend, in a bit that was criticized by CNN’s Chris Cuomo and conservative site Lifezette, which both accused the program of “fat shaming” her.

Former Governor Huckabee continued by praising his daughter: “It does not take away in any way from who she really is. She is a great wife; an absolutely wonderful mother to three beautiful preschool children.”

He added, “She’s a generous and thoughtful person, who is very charitable in her life; good to her friends; and ultimately — and here’s what we taught her: that she’s going to be judged by God, not by some not-so-funny comedy writers on Saturday Night Live.”

Fill-in host Ashley Webster pointed out that “in one of the [SNL] sketches, it was kind of suggested that she should replace Sean Spicer, because, frankly, she does very well. So you could take that as a complement.”

Huckabee acknowledged that “she does very well,” but he underlined that his daughter is “not trying to replace Sean Spicer. She loves Sean, respects him, works wonderfully with him, and has nothing but high regard for him.”

You can watch former Governor Huckabee’s response to SNL above, via Fox Business Network.

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