Mike Huckabee Defends Trump’s Santa Phone Call: Wasn’t Like He Was Boiling a Little Girl’s Bunny Rabbit on the Stove


Mike Huckabee took things to a rather dark place as he defended President Trump over his Christmas phone call with a 7 year old girl earlier this week.

The former Arkansas governor-turned-Fox News contributor spoke to Fox & Friends on Wednesday to talk about the phone call Trump took from a child just before Christmas. Trump has been criticized for asking the young girl if she still believes in Santa Claus, and as such, Fox & Friends had a recurring theme of bashing the media today.

Now, people who’ve followed Huckabee as a commentator long enough know that he frequently says really…weird things to drive his points. As such, when Huckabee got his bite at the media-criticism apple, he decided to go with a Fatal Attraction reference of all things.

“What is wrong with people? It wasn’t like he was boiling the little girl’s bunny rabbit in a pot on the stove. He asked a simple question. You can never find a way that President Trump will make some of the people in the press happy. It doesn’t matter what he does. If he didn’t make the call, if he didn’t talk to the little girl, they would say he was curled up in a fetal position in the White House and was unwilling to come out and talk to anybody. The man can’t catch a break.”

The segment went on with Huckabee saying there’s “no balance” in the press anymore, and that America no longer cares about “ridiculous,” “advocacy” journalism from the media.

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