Mike Huckabee: Hillary Campaigning For Dems Like Jeffrey Dahmer ‘Ribbon Cutting at a Restaurant Opening’


As usual, the Huck has got some outlandish jokes.

Former Gov. Mike Huckabee laid into former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton on Fox News Thursday afternoon, saying her continued presence in the national conversation is the Republican party’s “best shot” at doing well in the 2018 midterm elections.

“When I hear people say Hillary, get off the stage I’m thinking no, no, stay on the stage, please,” he said Thursday. “The best shot we have for the midterms is to get her out there as often as possible. I think the Republican Party should sponsor a network special a full hour on primetime and let the world hear the excuses. It’s the best thing we have going for us.”

The comments came after Clinton raised eyebrows in recent weeks with some controversial statements she made in India as to why she lost against President Donald Trump in 2016. The former Democratic candidate suggested she won throughout progressive parts of the country while the GOP dominated in middle America, where she said racism and backwards ideologies are far more prevalent.

Her statements have provided enough fodder for the folks at Fox News to continue attacking her mere continued presence in the public eye. Still, their sentiment against Clinton reflects an important point in national politics: the former secretary of state suffers from incredibly low approval ratings one year after the election, with just 36 percent of support reported in December of last year.

“Having Hillary Clinton come in and campaign for you, if you are a Democrat candidate is like having Jeffrey Dahmer do the ribbon cutting at a restaurant opening,” Huckabee continued. “I mean, come on.”

Watch a clip of the intense exchange via Fox News above:

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