Mike Huckabee: When Trump ‘Talks about Journalists Being Enemy of the People, They Are’


Shortly after Fox host Jeanine Pirro lambasted Attorney General Jeff Sessions in her scathing opening monologue Saturday night, she was joined by Mike Huckabee for a reaction to her call for Sessions to resign.

Huckabee, the father of White House press secretary Sarah Sanders agreed that the Department of Justice and the FBI were at fault and we’ve got  “to get to the bottom of the corruption, the conspiracy, the collusion and the cover-up that’s going on in the Justice Department.”

But he also blamed the media for not doing their jobs.

“There’s two big failures that are going on. One is in the Department of Justice, FBI,” Huckabee said during a discussion that veered into Christopher Wray document redactions and an alleged plot at the highest levels of the FBI to prevent Trump from being elected. “The government itself is not doing the job it’s supposed to do to hold accountable people who abuse their positions, use their government-funded taxpayer paid for jobs to politicize and weaponize the government against a particular party and candidate.”

He then said this: “The second, we have a media that is absolutely –so in their just disgust and hatred of Donald Trump —  that they refuse to look at what ought to be something that makes them want to gag every day — at the cover-up of the highest levels of government. If we had a decent media, if we had a media that did its job of true journalism, you would have people asking the hard questions, demanding the answers, but we don’t have it. ”

Huckabee added: “When the president talks about journalists being enemy of the people, they are.”

Pirro then pointed out that journalists can’t prosecute and it “comes down to Jeff Sessions and a grand jury” before turning the talk back on the need for Sessions to go.

Huckabee finally agreed Sessions should leave on his own accord and not force Trump’s hand.

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