Mike Huckabee Wonders if Nicolle Wallace Had a ‘Liberal Lobotomy’ in Bizarre, Media-Bashing Pirro Interview

On Saturday, Judge Jeanine Pirro had former governor Mike Huckabee on for a media shaming segment in which Huckabee wondered, among other things, if an MSNBC host had a “liberal lobotomy.”

It all started when Pirro asked Huckabee about comments made on CNN about President Donald Trump wanting to fight with black people.

“I didn’t realize Jeffrey Toobin was African-American,” Huckabee opined. “I guess he isn’t but he is identifying now as an African-American so he can be the spokesman for the African-American people in America. Even the ones who supported Donald Trump, and an increasing number of them are.”

Then, Pirro brought up the TIME cover showing Trump in a crown.

“TIME has become so irrelevant they ought to rename the magazine timed out,” Huckabee quipped.

It just got worse from there.

Referring to MSBNC’s Nicolle Wallace‘s controversial remarks about Trump women, Huckabee said this: “The peacock network has become the turkey network…They need to rename it BS-NBC.”

Then wondering if Wallace had a liberal lobotomy, he further opined, “I have never seen anybody have such a personality change.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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