Mike Tyson Reveals To Greta Van Susteren ‘Why I Was Crazy All Those Years’

Greta Van Susteren strolled outside with the new, gentle Mike Tyson and learned about his new priorities in life. Tyson showed off his pigeon collection and did a lot of self-reflection as he offered a few theories regarding why he was “crazy” in his youth.

Tyson told Greta that he now only eats a vegan diet and feels “awesome” as a result. Then he suggested, “no wonder I was crazy all those years. All that garbage I was eating, running around.” Tyson paused, and with some expert comedic timing, delivered his next line: “drugs didn’t help either.”

Greta wondered if he could ever see himself fighting again, but Tyson said “I just don’t have that attitude no more.” Instead, the only thing he wants now is to be the best father and a good family man. In between laughing and giving Greta the pictured bear hug, who would have guessed Tyson could offer up such interesting insight about his own history and personality?

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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