Mike Tyson Tackles Obamacare, Guns, and the N-Word on CNN

Thanksgiving’s tomorrow, so here’s Mike Tyson talking politics with Piers Morgan. The former heavyweight champion weighed in on a number of political hot topics, from the taboos surrounding the n-word to Obamacare to the media reports on the supposed trend of “knockout games.” Tyson admitted to Morgan he doesn’t understand why people would do this in the first place, finding it most disturbing because these attacks are happening “just for fun.”

When Morgan asked why people do it, Tyson said, “Maybe they’re just evil. They’re just some evil people.”

Tyson also weighed in on the health care debate, admitting that “we have to come to the reality that it didn’t work.” He didn’t speak much to President Obama‘s repeated, false promise of people being able to keep their plans if they liked them, though he did take some issue with the idea that the president hasn’t done enough for the black community. He said, “No president has ever only cared about the African-American community, and I don’t think that’s ever gonna happen.”

On the subject of gun violence, Tyson railed against racial bias in the criminal justice system, but also noted that black people want to be able to have guns too for self-protection and don’t want their guns taken away.

Watch the video below, via CNN:

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