Millennial Reporter to Fox’s Gasparino: ‘I Look Forward to Writing Your Obituary’

gasparinoIn what will likely be the most satisfying clip you’ll watch today, National Review reporter Jillian Melchior took no guff from Fox Business mouth Charles Gasparino, eventually telling him she looked forward to writing his obituary.

The argument started on Tuesday where all arguments start, over the categorical fallacy of calling Millennials moochers, which Gasparino started with National Review writer Kat Tampf last month, saying she “couldn’t wear his jock strap as a reporter.”

This particular bout quickly descended into a personal fight when Gasparino called Melchior’s most recent column “derivative.” Even host Neil Cavuto said he was being patronizing.

Melchior kept trying to return to the original argument, in which she argued that a majority of the Boomer generation voted for Obama (here a metonym for “mooching”), rendering absurd Gasparino’s argument that Millennials were inherently entitled.

Rumors that generationally-based behavioral distinctions are arbitrary went unconfirmed at press time, as did rumors that Boomers ruined the economy they now blame Millennials for failing to master.

Watch le clip below, via Fox Business:

[Image via screengrab]

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