Miss America 2010: Sarah Palin, Tiger Woods, Jersey Shore Zingers Usurp World Peace

The Miss America 2010 Pageant is over, and aside from Miss Virginia Caressa Cameron, the winner in Las Vegas was hot-button pop culture references. Miss Alaska made a quick and cheery Sarah Palin takedown, while other contestants skewered Tiger Woods and leathery Jersey Shore star “The Situation.”

Maybe it’s too much to expect consistency in a pageant world that has Rush Limbaugh a counterpart of Perez Hilton, but what ever happened to World Peace?

Most notably, Miss Alaska Syndee Waggoner launched a perky broadside at former governor and beauty pageant contestant Sarah Palin:

Waggoner may have been angling to be the anti-Prejean by taking aim at the Wasilla Thrilla. Among the 23 people she follows on Twitter is Prejean-gate catalyst Perez Hilton.

If so, the strategy didn’t quite work out. Maybe she should have gone with it all the way and asked the panel of judges not to let her die, or resigned, mid-pageant, for the good of her state.

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