Missed The Supreme Court Health Care Arguments? Here Are The Week’s Best Punchlines

The Supreme Court began to look at the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare) this week, a process that is as stressful and tense as it lends itself to laughs from the bench. For those of you that maybe did not have time to listen to all the arguments this week in real time, Talking Points Memo put together a handy compilation of all the funniest moments during the oral arguments. Unsurprisingly, Justice Antonin Scalia is prominently featured.

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TPM did a handy job of grabbing the funniest moments, from Justice Elena Kagan completely forgetting a question she previously said she wanted to raise to Justice Scalia getting perilously caught up in the weeds of a comparison between the health care debate and a “your life or your wife’s life” situation. Those two get the most laughs– in Justice Kagan’s case, at one point at the expense of Justice Scalia (and his poor clerks)– though the lawyers get in a few one-liners, also.

The compilation via TPM below:

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