Mitch McConnell Bashes Obama on Syria: You Don’t Send Enemy ‘Save the Date Card’

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell finally weighed in on Syria, declaring on the Senate floor Tuesday morning that he opposes any military action. Furthermore, he had some choice words for President Obama‘s handling of the situation. He called the president a “reluctant commander-in-chief,” and roundly criticized him for giving away so many details about a potential strike to the public already.

McConnell lamented how “difficult” it’s been to support Obama in any potential military effort because no one quite understands what the point of the mission is. He made it clear people have a right to be very skeptical or even “dumbfounded” at how much the White House has given away so far.

“There is absolutely no reason, no reason to signal to the enemy when and how and for how long you plan to strike them. None. As I’ve said before, you don’t send out a ‘save the date’ card to the enemy.”

Before officially affirming his no vote, McConnell used the opportunity to slam Obama’s foreign policy record, calling him a “reluctant commander-in-chief” who wants to paint a picture of a “humbler, more withdrawn America.”

Watch the video below, via CSPAN2:

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[photo via screengrab]

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