Mitt Romney Appears On SNL To Reassure Voters That He’s Doing Very Well

Oh, Mitt Romney. You are having such a hard time in the primaries, and also on Saturday Night Live! Jason Sudeikis reprised his role as the GOP frontrunner to deliver a message to voters, which he did standing next to an empty chair like a totally normal human being. He wanted to quell concerns that his campaign might be peaking too soon, as he got totally trounced in Missouri and Colorado by Rick Santorum. Not only that, but Newt Gingrich finished one or two percentage points behind him in each contest! How embarrassing!

When he tried to attack Gingrich for his poor performance in Missouri (complete with a “Debbie Downer”-style sad trombone), he had to face the unfortunate reality that Gingrich wasn’t even on the ballot. Romney tried to switch the focus to his adorable golden retriever Barrett, but it didn’t go as planned, as Barrett will never forget what was done to him.

You can watch the full clip here via NBC:

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