Mitt Romney At CPAC: ‘I Was A Severely Conservative Republican Governor’

While addressing the CPAC crowd today, GOP presidential hopeful Mitt Romney made sure to bump up his conservative credentials, telling his audience, for instance, that he would fight for a constitutional amendment that would define marriage as a relationship between a woman and a man and reminding them that he has previously vetoed a bill “that would have opened the door to cloning and embryo farming.”

He also spoke about the challenges he’d faced as the Republican governor of a blue state, Massachusetts.

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“My state was the leading indicator of what liberals would be trying to do across the country,” he said, “and they’re trying to do right now. And I fought against long odds in a deep blue state. But I was a severely conservative Republican governor.”

“I understand the battles we as conservatives must fight because I have been on the front lines, he continued, “and expect to be on those front lines again.”

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