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Mitt Romney Awkwardly Mocks Gingrich Donor With Mega Millions Lottery Joke

As the Republican primary continues to trudge on, it keeps delivering quirky Mitt Romney campaign moments, and while today’s is just as strange and strangely watchable as the video of Romney eating and explaining pancakes on the campaign trail, this one comes with a bonus joke at the expense of one of his opponents’ biggest donors.

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“I guess there’s a massive, massive lottery,” Romney notes in a Wisconsin restaurant, quickly adding “I’m not playing it!” He then offers to the campaign coverage team to go to “a place that, uh, you buy a ticket.” After his cute, puppy-eyed invitation to those around him “that are registered” to go buy tickets, he follows up with a not-so-subtle dig at a certain SuperPAC donor: “I understand that Sheldon Adelson has bought some tickets,” he jokes, Adelson being the main donor left on team Gingrich.

The Romney campaign must know it is nearing the home stretch, but it must also know that the “pancake” video and other candids have actually done something to make Romney’s quietly charming anti-charm into something supporters like and look forward to seeing. And if he’s going to take a shot at anyone, the elusive species of Republicans known as “Gingrich supporters” seem like a pretty sure bet.

The video (via CNN) below:

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