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Mitt Romney Gives Obama Presidency An ‘F’ Grade, ‘No Question About That’

On Friday’s edition of CBS This Morning, reporter Jan Crawford interviewed presumptive Republican nominee Mitt Romney in a California airport hangar between campaign stops. When asked to give President Barack Obama a grade for his presidency, Romney gave him an “F … across the board.”

Crawford and Romney spent a few minutes discussing Solyndra and Romney’s belief that the scandal represents a “conflict of interest of some magnitude.” They also discussed Romney’s tenure with Bain Capital and the lessons he learned from both successful and failed investments.

When the conversation turned to the Obama presidency, Crawford asked Romney: “What grade would you give President Obama?”

“Oh, an ‘F.’ No question about that,” Romney said. “Across the board.”

“Even despite the killing of Osama bin Laden?” Crawford asked.

“I look at his decisions across the board in foreign policy,” Romney said. “I look at the fact that he was looking to have a force of American troops staying in Iraq, securing what had been so hard won there … he failed to achieve it. i look at what’s happening in the Middle East: the Arab Spring has become the Arab Winter. That’s hardly a success. As I look around the world, I happen to believe that his positions in foreign policy have not communicated American strength and resolve.”

“So grade on foreign policy?” Crawford then asked.

“‘F’ across the board.”

“And on the economy?”

“‘F’ across the board.”

“Anything above an ‘F’ that you’ve seen with this president?” Crawford pressed.

“Getting Osama bin Laden. That’s terrific. I appreciate him doing that,” Romney said. “I know he’s trying, but having never had any experience in his life in leadership has made it difficult for him to learn how to lead on the job. What’s happened in this country is that the people who create jobs have pulled back, in part because of the uncertainty created by the Obama policies.”

Check out the interview below, via CBS:

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