On SNL, A Defeated Mitt Romney Drowns His Sorrows In Milk

Some were surprised Saturday Night Live featured as few political sketches as it did last week, being the weekend before a presidential election. Unsurprisingly, this week the show set about addressing Tuesday’s results as soon as possible this time around, as the cold open focused on a defeated, and distraught, Mitt Romney.

And it was a solid start to the night. Sure, “Mitt Romney is super white and also doesn’t drink alcohol” is pretty well-worn joke material at this point, but it was still (in one man’s opinion) thoroughly amusing to see him chugging milk to make himself feel better while touting the virtues of mayonnaise. And Taran Killam playing every one of Romney’s sons was a nice touch.

Sure, it seemed like the writers had no idea how to end the sketch, but in a sketch that featured “Donald Trump is doing a very amusing thing where he’s racist,” hard to complain too much. Jason Sudeikis might not have many more chances to play Romney, and he made this one count.

Watch the sketch below, via NBC:

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