Mitt Romney (Remember Him?) Was MIA On Inauguration Day, ‘Doubtful’ He’d Watch

Former presidential hopeful Mitt Romney wasn’t to be found among the guests at President Obama’s second inauguration Monday. Where was the one-time Massachusetts governor? Apparently, enjoying a low-profile afternoon in La Jolla, California. Did he and Ann plan to watch the ceremonies? “Doubtful,” an aide told NBC.

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Romney made known that he and his wife had “no big plans” on this inauguration day. MSNBC reported that this makes him the first losing candidate not to attend since another Massachusetts Governor, Michael Dukakis, didn’t attend the swearing-in of George H.W. Bush. That was in 1989. Dukakis reportedly stayed home, “watched on TV and ate a tuna sandwich.”

Lawrence O’Donnell called Romney’s decision not to attend “understandable,” but said he didn’t get “why you have to take that extra step and say ‘I’m not gonna watch.’”

“It isn’t the moment where he should have announced that about himself,” he said.

Rachel Maddow agreed and said Romney’s putting the word out that he wouldn’t attend was in effect “making himself the story.”

Watch below, via MSNBC:

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