SNL’s Mitt Romney Campaigns On A Pro-Everything Platform

Saturday Night Live is back from a nearly month-long hiatus, and what better way to remind us of what we were missing than to lead with a C-SPAN sketch! My face looked just like the old white guy wearing glasses standing behind Jason Sudeikis’s Mitt Romney at the beginning of the sketch, as he pretended to be interested in cat-spaying, East St. Louis, Illinois, and the Kiamichi Country Oklahoma Sportsmen’s Association. “I want to be known as the cat-neutering president” was a cornerstone of one of his speeches.

This cold open featured a large percentage of the cast standing silently behind Sudeikis, with Kristen Wiig as Ann Romney, and Taran Killam, Vanessa Bayer and Bobby Moynihan as wordless supporters. The premise of the sketch was amusing (and the studio audience seemed to be super on board) but the political cold opens have been simply exhausted at this point in the season. Not the show’s fault — just the nature of our political system’s endless campaign seasons. It was, however, enjoyable to see “Mitt Romney” get desperate enough for supporters to host SNL and hopelessly mangle “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Niiiiiight!”

You can see the clip here via NBC:

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