Mitt Romney’s Message To President Barack Obama: ‘Start Packing’

ABC News’ Diane Sawyer acquired the first exclusive interview with Mitt Romney and his wife Ann since the former governor of Massachusetts became the de facto nominee for the Republican Party. While the interview tackles many different issues and specifics, in a clip released tonight, Sawyer asks both Romneys for a short message to President Obama. Mitt Romney’s? “Start packing.”

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“Start packing– that’s what I’d like to say,” Romney replied to the simple question of what he would say, if anything. “The President, I’m sure, wants another four years, but the first years didn’t go so well,” he continued, arguing that President Obama’s “policies have not helped the American people,” and that “he has guided America in the wrong direction and it is time to return to the principles of freedom and opportunity.” Conversely, Romney argued that he “can connect with America’s economy because I know it.”

Ann Romney’s message was far simpler, though in the same vein: “It’s Mitt’s time.”

The full interview airs tonight. The video via ABC News below:

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